Critical security alerts

Watch out for fake emails and websites simulated (phishing) are criminals!

Be aware, some fake e-mail by sending the same email Pasargad Bank, trying to trick you important information such as username, password or disclose your card details. These online criminals, financially motivated. By sending them the URL in your email asking you to click on it, the site of Pasargad Bank, visit the same site and thus may require you to enter the following information:
  • Usernames and password
  • Bank account numbers
  • Bank card information
  • Date of birth, etc
Here are some simple steps you can do to protect themselves against criminals:
1. Never reply to emails related to your personal or financial information. As well as forms and pages linked Log in Do not fill in the message.
2. Never after following a link in an email, do not enter your password. It is better to enter the URL in the browser, go directly to the site.
3. Do not send your password via email.
4. Only when 100% sure you're on the real site, log into your account. If you're not quite sure, check the Internet address in your web browser. For example, this is a fake URL: The correct URL is as follows: 5. suspicious emails and phishing scams in email Report abuse. Report a message as phishing will our security team from the report to help stop similar attacks use. It is recommended that security related issues and connect your virtual banking is important to read:
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