Two-factor login guide

Benefits of two-factor password

Dear customer, due to increase security in Internet Bank, you can use two factor. In this method after entering password a confiramtion code is sent through sms. By entering the received code you can login Internet Bank. The advantage of this method is high rate of security. In order to use this method, you mobile phone number should be register in system and it is mandatory. You can register you number in one of the Pasargad branches.

Two-factor login guide

To boost your Internet banking security, two-factor login is enabled.

User manual of two factor authentication by USSD

You can receive a two-factor by dialing code * 720 * 1 * 1 # .

Two factor authentication login guide via SMS

Select "Two factor (SMS)" and enter your Internet bank password. You will Receive one-time security code via SMS on your smart phone, then you have a permission to enter Internet bank.
METHOD: First, enter username and password, and select two-factor (SMS) authentication:
After clicking on Login button and submit the code, if you enter the correct username and password, a text message containing a multi-digit code will send to your mobile number. You will have a few minutes to enter this number:
(If you do not receive SMS, click the button to send this code)
If you enter the code correctly, you will enter Internet-banking system.

Two factor authentication login guide via mobile payment application

When selecting the "two-factor identification (mobile payments)" mobile payment system after installing the app via the link (، Enter the mobile payment system and home screen options and choose the one-time password.
METHODS: Firstly, the username and password and choice of two-factor identification to enter the mobile payments

If you enter the code correctly, you will enter Internet-banking system.
Make sure you use a phone number to activate mobile payment system, the banking system recorded Pasargad Bank.

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